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Plasma Liquid

The Plasma Liquid® series consists of certified medical products and is manufactured in Germany. These are comparable to the revolutionary physical cold plasma. The products copy the body's natural immune defenses and strengthen the immune system's defense reactions. Thus, our body can usually successfully fight infections and inflammations. The effect of the plasma unfolds through a purely physical effect, which is why the Plasma Liquid® products are very versatile. The skin and mucous membrane compatibility has been dermatologically tested and classified as "very good". The product Plasma Liquid Nasal Spray Gel was tested for efficacy against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The test showed a reduction of coronavirus of 3.33 log10 levels, which corresponds to a reduction of over 99.9% by Plasma Liquid Nasal Spray Gel.

Plasma Liquid® Nasal Spray Gel, 20ml
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Plasma Liquid® Nasal Spray Gel, known from radio and TVPlasma Liquid® Nasal Spray Gel is a pure mineral gel with physical effect. Ideally suited for decontamination, cleaning and moistening of the nasal mucosa, it reduces 99.9% of relevant pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Plasma Liquid® Nasal..
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